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Generally speaking your damages are dependent upon the extent of your injuries. The areas you are entitled to receive compensation include the following:

MEDICAL BILLS - Bills for services connected with your accident include: rescue and ambulance bills, hospital treatment, emergency room physicians, cervical collars, canes, crutches, orthopedic doctors, internists, chiropractic care, physical therapy, prothstetic devices. Test may include x-ray, MRI scan, “CAT” (CT), ultrasound or bone scan and blood work. Expenses related to general surgery or arthroscopic operations will be paid if they are accident related.

LOST WAGES - IMPAIRMENT OF EARNING CAPACITY - If you lose time from work because you’re disabled or going to therapy, you will be entitled to receive the wages you lost. Even if you are unemployed at the time of the accident and can show you have a capacity to earn a wage but were unable to look for work while you were injured Jim Donelan will get you compensated. In Rhode Island most workers are entitled to receive Temporary Disability Benefits from Rhode Island’s Temporary Disability Insurance program if you’ve paid into the fund. Jim Donelan will help you apply for TDI benefits. Call Jim at 401-461-1500 . Or apply online. Here’s a link to the program http://www.dlt.ri.gov/tdi/

PAIN AND SUFFERING - This item of damages is dependent upon your period of total and partial disability and the nature and severity of your injuries.


In addition to the above damages when your doctor says your injuries are permanent you are entitled to be compensated for the following losses:

SCARRING AND DISFIGUREMENT - Compensation for disfigurement depends upon the nature and location of your scar. If you’ve lost a hand, limb or finger in a car accident that will also be a permanent partial disability that you are entitled to be compensated for.

FUTURE MEDICAL BILLS - We try to determine the extent and cost of future treatment and request the compensation you will need.

FUTURE DISABILITY - PAIN AND SUFFERING - This compensation will also depend upon several factors including the severity of the disability and/or pain, as well as future life expectancy.

FUTURE LOST WAGES - FUTURE IMPAIRMENT OF EARNING CAPACITY - If you are totally disabled or unable to continue to perform in your usual occupation you may be entitled to future lost earnings or future impairment of earning capacity.  

If you have been involved in an accident and have any questions, please call Attorney Jim Donelan at (401) 461-1500.

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